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Displaced voices

The virtual exhibitions give voice to people who have lived forced displacement in very different contexts and historical moments to narrate their experiences: Greek women, political exiles, in concentration camps on the inhabited island of Trikeri in the 1940s and the 1950s, Greek refugees at refugee camps in the Middle East during WWII and mainly in Aleppo, Syria, and Syrian and Afghan refugees in camps for refugees in the Greek islands after 2015. Sharing the memories and experiences of past and present forced displacement and migration can facilitate mutual understanding between forced displaced populations from past and present conflicts.

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Expressing forced displacement through art

This exhibition presents various ways of expressing the artistic pursuits of the refugees. Artists through various forms of expression, such as painting, video creation, poetry…


HARTS initiative aims at supporting refugee women by promoting their talents and skills. These skills are very precious and need to be passed on and…
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